Winter Is Here..

As we enter the dreaded COVID 19 winter, i find myself struggling between carb-filled, hearty comfort food and keeping my body healthy with immune boosting and nutrient packed food. I always struggle with balance, i am either a comfort junk eater or a health food nazi who is hard and judgemental. Unfortunately this year, the winter came with a virus that doesnt give you a choice. You are either healthy and your immune system is strong or your possibly knocking on the Virus' door.

After the first 4 weeks in lock down, depression set in..all the sad news concerning the Rona, fiinally got to me. My mental health started slipping and i overdosed on Netflix and fatcakes for comfort and to numb myself from the Rona misery. What was going to happen to my business, my home and my child's private school fees? my income had moved from a 100 to zero in a month, panic and anxiety moved in and shared my Netflix and fatcakes on the couch with me. After 2 weeks of feeling sorry for myself, i finally got off the couch, and joined my sister on a walk around the neighbourhood. 2km quickly became 5km and now i am averaging 10km per day. These walks have become my time with God..where i get to just be present with my fears, anxiety, hopes and dreams. They have made me feel so full of life, that the fear of dying and sickness, have been replaced by the Joy of living and hope for the future.

Instinctively my body no longer craves the comforting junk i was feeding it and now only demands good healthy nutrient packed food. I am still cooking warm and hearty comfort food, that is nutrient dense and filling, eliminating the cravings for junk that eventually compromises my immune system.

My spirit chose life instead of instead of instead of sickness, and all it took was me putting on my walking shoes and walking around the block.  If you are feeling down, out of control and helpless, a little walk outside will heal you and bring you back to your spirit.


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2020/06/02 01:22 PM
Awesome 👏🏿
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